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Even in darkness there's light

Loving Emily is currently being shot on location in central England at a heritage site over 300 years old. The team felt this would be the perfect location to tell this tense story.  The period property was once owned by the Royal Family who would visit this site as a holiday home thanks to its isolated location in the forest. Filming  started in July 2020


The lights Begin to Shine -

Emily is happier than she has ever been. Her boyfriend Nicholas has come to stay at her family Manor home, Her beloved  sister Clara has returned from her travels across the world. It should be the perfect week, Unbeknownst to Emily her sister has returned with a disturbing secret and a twisted agenda that will plunge Emily and  Nicholas  into a nightmare that will spiral out of control 

Prepare for something special"

"Loving Emily" Cast

THE Cast


Andrew Osei-Karmen Loving Emily Film Actor

Andrew Osei-Karmen

Loving Emily Film

Ellinor Persdotter

Loving Emily Film

persephone hulewicz

Moda Image Film Productions

Dan Blacka

Sharune Loving Emily Film

Sharune Urbonaviciene

Elle E

Loving Emily Film

julie Angelique

Loving Emily Film

Carmen Tahtah

Yolanda Barreto

"Loving Emily" Crew

The Crew

The Crew -

Loving Emily Film Director

YAN Frame

Loving Emily Film

Taran Kochhar

Loving Emily Film

Keiran Lowley


Moda Image Film Productions


Daniel Damian- Sound Operator

Daniel Damian Kapuscinsk

Loving Emily Film

Wahnnetta Williamson

Loving Emily Film- On Set Photographer

Gareth Davies

Loving Emily Film Crew

Isabella Bronze

Loving Emily Film

Alannah Grogan

Jenna H

Jenna Eady


Angus Sinclair Maddocks

Loving Emily Film

The Costume Studio

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